Sunday, August 6, 2017

Made in America* -- How the U.S. auto industry was built with foreign labor

Absolutely despicable.  Why are out elected leaders allowing this to happen? Why aren't we protesting and rioting against this?

And it hasn't stopped!!
At the apartment complex, we observed the laborers as they gathered in the parking lot on their way to work around 6:30am. We observed the van take the workers to the BMW plant where they stayed for ten hours.

At Volvo, near Charleston, a new plant is being built thanks to $200 million dollars in tax incentives and subsidies. There, we observed white vans packed with Polish workers being shuttled from the worksite to nearby apartment complexes. A man from Poland told CBS News producers that he was working at Volvo's paint shop where he said he was making five to six times more than what he would make in his native country.

At Mercedes in Alabama, we found dozens of Eastern European workers, and some Americans, entering the construction project just before dawn.

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