Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Lessons From a ‘Local Food’ Scam Artist

An amazingly well written article about a young gal tending a produce stand.
By the time I myself became a New Yorker, I was lucky: The farmers were teaching and collaborating with urban foodies at community-supported agriculture groups and the widely expanding greenmarkets. The New York locavores taught me that “local” didn’t mean a quasi-mystical authenticity, or, for that matter, only a special kind of deliciousness, but also a relationship with the people who’ve produced the food, in a sustainable, equitable, regional network of labor and land stewardship. I could now buy honey and stone fruits from a farm just outside my hometown, whose existence I’d never even suspected. I got involved in the day-to-day work of CSAs based in upstate New York and Pennsylvania; the farmers delivered to Brooklyn, redefining “local” again.
I've always believed that the answer wasn't organic food. The real answer was locally grown food.  I can't imagine the taste of a peach from Mexico could stand up to a locally grown South Carolina peach.

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