Friday, August 23, 2019

Vegetarian teen disqualified from GCSE exam over Islamophobia for criticising halal meat

The exam board admitted it 'did not reach the right conclusion' 
Yeah.  What they thought was one of those disgusting ignorant slobbering CHRISTIANS was actually a vegetarian.  Then you see, that's ok. 
OCR apologised for the stress the disqualification had caused and wished Abigail luck with her GCSE results 
It added that it takes “all incidences of suspected offensive material against a religious group in exams very seriously” but admitted in this case, initially it “did not reach the right conclusion”.

Abigail’s Mum, Layla Ward, told The Telegraph she was pleased the disqualification was overturned, but “it should never have happened”.
The 36-year-old nurse said she thinks the disqualification was a result of an examiner being “over-zealous” and “over-righteous”.
This is truly remarkable.  So, now if you should slip up and say something they deem offensive you don't pass the test AT ALL. 

Standardized tests should be thrown in the trash bin.

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