Monday, August 12, 2019

Want One of FCA’s 5,000 Promised Jobs? Get in Line

30 years later, Detroit finally gets a new assembly plant.

The State of Michigan and the City of Detroit cobbled together more than $290 million in incentives for the Detroit part of a $4.5 billion project. Fiat Chrysler is promising nearly 5,000 positions will open up in the city as part of the deal. 
The wages — which start at $17 per hour for line-workers and can go up to as high as $29.94 per hour, and even higher for skilled trades — make these FCA jobs competitive, said Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. 
“They tell us on average they hire one in six people who come through the door,” said Duggan.
Well, we can hope all goes according to plan.  But I just wonder how much of the life the Unions will suck out of it before it even gets half built.

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