Sunday, August 4, 2019

Meet the people working to kick Chicago out of Illinois

Everyone in ILL wants to divorce themselves from the FUBAR known as Chicago.  They think that by "spinning off" Chicago, they will save themselves from the Pension Crisis where Chicago sits at Ground Zero.

Most likely, Chicago, with their hundreds of thousands of lawyers will find a way, even after a CHIXIT will find a way to shift ALL of their debt onto Illinois-minus-Chicago.

How do I know this?  Because that's how evil works.
In New Illinois’ Mount Vernon summit, Merritt takes the crowd through a list of grievances, many of which echo the interviews in Cramer’s book: state corruption is so bad, Illinois is a laughingstock; the state fiscal crisis and underfunded pensions spell a financial apocalypse — she conjures an “economic asteroid” headed our way; and since state representation is determined by population, not geography, rural voters aren’t getting the representative government the U.S. Constitution entitles them to. Chicago, because of political dominance driven by population, is walking all over them.

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