Monday, August 24, 2015

California bill would close ‘insidious’ wage gap between men and women

Sick, pathetic Leftist doctrine.  CA is not interested in anyone working in the state. Disgusting.
In an attempt to narrow the “insidious wage gap” between men and women, the California Legislature is on the verge of passing a stronger equal pay law that supporters believe will be the toughest in the nation — but some say still doesn’t go far enough.

Not only will the California Fair Pay Act make it more difficult for employers to justify paying men more than women for “substantially similar” work, but employers will be prohibited from retaliating against women who ask about or discuss the pay of their male colleagues.

“We’re closing all the loopholes,” said state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, who authored the bill. “No more excuses.”
They call them loopholes.  This idiotic article is chock full of Double Speak.

This is my warning again:  GET. OUT. OF CA.

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