Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More tourists won’t change Cuba

Very true.  Europe and other countries had already normalized relations with Cuba for decades.  And the situation there hasn't improved.
More tourists won’t change Cuba. Millions of Spanish-speaking tourists have visited Cuba and brought no change; neither will English-speaking American tourists. In all my years in the Foreign Service, tourists never became a major source of support for people struggling to attain freedom. If tourists did have such influence, there would not have been so many 20th-century Latin American dictators.


Mrs. Clinton suggested in her FIU speech that companies doing business in Cuba will push for political reforms. Companies now doing business in Cuba haven’t and don’t. American companies doing business in China, Burma, and other totalitarian states typically become apologists for the regimes — lest helping the victims of repression negatively impact their businesses.
I think normalizing relations with Cuba is a good thing.  If we can normalize relations with China who has brutally murdered tens of millions - probably more than the population of Cuba, then we don't have many excuses not to up the relationship with Cuba.

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