Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What does the world think of Trump?

While living in Germany we vacationed to the Czech Republic staying in a hotel in Prague.  I don't remember the year.  It may have been 2009 or later.

While at the hotel we discovered we had no pillows.  We called the front desk and requested them.  I said I could come down and get them.  The gentleman at the front desk insisted he would bring them.

Within a minute he was there knocking at our door.  We let him in and he proceeded to set things up for us.

"You're Americans?" He asked.

I am always a little hesitant to say yes.  Sometimes this becomes a situation where I have to defend my country. After a while, you get sort of tired doing that.  But, the Czechs generally like the Americans.  So, I told him we were.

"I had the opportunity to attend a seminar put on my Donald Trump." He said.

He didn't really make it clear whether or not that Trump was there.  But it was undoubtedly sponsored by Trump. Also, my memory is a little hazy on the details.  It may have been more of a seminar.  It involved people in other countries who were involved in the hotel business, I think.

"It was amazing."  He said.  What impressed him the most was the professionalism.  The workshop/seminar or whatever emphasized all the work ethic ideas we in the USA take for granted.  Honesty, hard work, efficiency and customer centric service.

"It was hard, but I learned so much.  We in the Czech Republic have a long way to go to match what the Americans do."

To say the least, my chest was popping buttons.

The whole incident left me very proud to be an American.

Is Trump the right candidate?  It may be too early to tell.  But if he is the Republican Candidate, he's got my vote.

And the world will be open to him and willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, at the least.

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