Sunday, August 16, 2015

California's SB3, the Minimum Wage Hike From Hell

I say do it.  There will be only two types of people left in the state.  The ultrarich and the illegal immigrants who will have no compunction to work for less.
And now comes SB3, which is to amend the last minimum wage and take it higher, much much higher, for the entire state. Instead of the minimum wage going to an already predetermined $10/hr in January, it will instead take it to $11/hr and then in 2017 to $13/hr, after which it will be attached to an ongoing CCPI increase, and eventually closer to their arbitrary and subjective, fairy dust idea of a $15/hr 'living wage'.
As businesses move out to cut their losses, what will CA do?  Will they pass laws to "fix" it so other states will somehow be forced to pay employees $15 or $17 per hour?  Will this end up being another egg proposition?

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