Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trump Creates Pandemonium At Iowa State Fair

If Trump is lying he is taking it over the top.  If he's telling the truth then we've finally found our Reagan.

Throughout my tenure with the campaign (which lasted about 6 blocks) which was headed to the world-famous “Butter Cow”, I could hear chants of “we love you Donald-thanks for running Mr. Trump-Please win Mr. Trump, we are with you” and many more positive statements.

I can honestly say; I have seen many a candidate in my day. I have seen many candidates speak to a handful of people and I have seen them speak to hundreds at fundraising events. I have never seen this sort of reaction to a candidate other than Barack Obama back in 2008. These people are and were literally pleading with Donald Trump to win and turn this country around. I cannot tell you how many times someone yelled “Mr. Trump, make America great again”, in which Mr. T responded with ” I will” and then would wave in the direction of the plea.

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