Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blackouts Loom With California In Power Grid Emergency: "All Customers Should Expect 14 Days Without Power"

I covered this is 2013 when the nuclear power plants were shut down.  There's also a reference to a natural gas plant that was demolished because it was an "eyesore".  How stupid!

And now here we are again.  And look like this is what it will be like for the foreseeable future.
Reports say that “all customers” should expect to be without power a total 14 days – 2 weeks time – out of this summer. Some 21 million Californians stand to be directly affected:

All customers, including homes, hospitals, oil refineries and airports are at risk of losing power at some point this summer because a majority of electric generating stations in California use gas as their primary fuel. In April, millions of electric customers in Southern California were warned they could suffer power outages on up to 14 days this summer due to the closure.


Unlike some other gas transmission systems that can store large amounts of so-called linepack gas in pipelines, like PG&E Corp in northern California, SoCalGas cannot function with only pipeline or storage supplies.

Planned rolling brownouts have been done on a regular basis in Southern California since the days of Enron and the California energy crisis of 200o-2001, but the situation is getting more dire.

Isn't recurring blackouts a problem in 3rd world countries?

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