Sunday, June 26, 2016

CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE GONE WILD: Federal Court Rules Fourth Amendment Does Not Apply To Police Scanning Credit Cards

I just read about this the other day and I am absolutely outraged by this.  Picture this:  You're on your way home from visiting grandma's house.  It was a great time.  Granny gave you several Visa gift cards "for the grand kids". You've been entrusted with them to give them all out as you see them.  All you can do is keep picturing the smiles on all the kids' faces and how appreciative everyone is for the $100 gift cards.

You get stopped by a policeman for speeding.  He starts asking about weapons in the car.  You tell him there are none.

Then he asks about money.  You tell him you have $100 on your person, but then you make the horrible mistake of telling him about the Visa gift cards that Granny bought at Walmart.

The policeman asks to see them.  As you are rifling through the stuff in the back seat, he steps away to get something from his car.  He comes back with something that looks like the things you swipe your card through at the restaurant.  You show him the cards.  He takes them and starts swiping them through his machine.

"Sir, this totals to about $1,000."  You look at him and say "uh....yeah.  That's $100 per card.  Ten cards, one for each grandkid."

Without hesitating the cop says "Well I think this is money is being used to purchase drugs, therefore illegal."  He starts swiping the cards through his machine one at a time while saying "I'll give you the cards back, but I am now taking possession of the money. You can show up at this address to protest if you would like. Here are your cards.  Have a nice day."

And you are left reeling.  Did....did he just do what I just thought he did?  The money is NO WHERE IN THE CAR.  But he reached THROUGH THE CAR and THROUGH a physical piece of plastic AND SWIPED YOUR MONEY.   Yes, the long of the "law" is now much much longer than even you thought it could be.

The nightmare that you and I thought could not get worse, just jumped the shark and got 1,000 time worse.  The police can now stop you anywhere, anytime and easily take ALL OF YOUR MONEY no matter where in the USA it's located.


We. Are. Fucked.

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