Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pushed over the edge: How a Ban on Tea Kettles Could Drive Britain to a Brexit

This article was obviously posted pre-Brexit.  But it shows you how uttterly stupid things got with the EU Bureaucracy.  SAVE PLANET!! STOP USING YOUR WATER COOKER!!!  IN FACT, WE WILL MAKE YOU STOP USING YOUR WATER COOKER!!

Yes, it got that ridiculous.
As is so often the case, a momentous decision may be triggered by something quite small. Indeed, the future of the western world may come down to this: a squabble over tea kettles. The Brits are riled up by the imminent threat that the EU, driven by its aggressive climate agenda, will outlaw the electric tea pots that the English have relied upon for generations to produce their daily fix of Earl Grey and toast.

New “eco-design” regulations governing small appliances have been on the EU shelf for months, delayed by officials correctly worried they might ignite a firestorm of protest just as Brits prepared to vote on their European alliance. Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, finally decided at an April 20 meeting to plow ahead with the new rules.

The issue grabbed headlines when David Coburn, EU skeptic and UKIP Member of the European Parliament, tweeted in February, “My toaster takes 4 attempts before bread goes brown and can put My Dundee marmalade on many thanks to EU.” Americans forced to flush twice because newly required water-saving toilets don’t get the job done can sympathize.

The ban on tea kettles is not the only issue that will decide the EU vote, of course. But it is a symbol, just as the proposed ban of 100-watt bulbs in the U.S. became a symbol of an over-reaching federal government.'
Here's an earlier article covering the ban on small appliances that consume "large amounts" of power (scare quotes are mine!)   The ban includes hair dryers!!  What the hell would you dry your hair with? Water is difficult to evaporate due to the high heat capacity and latent heat of vaporization of water.  What idiocy!
The decision to push ahead with the plans soon after the British vote was revealed by Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, at the weekly College of Commissioners meeting on April 20.

Internet routers, hand-dryers, mobile phones and patio jet-washers are also being examined by commission experts as candidates for new ecodesign rules.

However, several products may be granted a stay of execution, as officials admitted the plans are a lightning rod for public anger at perceived meddling by Brussels.

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