Sunday, March 3, 2013

CA GOP Convention: DeVore lays out stark CA vs. TX contrast

A prophet has no honor in his own country...

In 2006, a study was done on the cost of regulations in California. DeVore said then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger did not want to release it. But finally in 2009, when unemployment hit a 70-year high for the state, the California State University-Sacramento study came out.

DeVore said the study laid out how California’s energy policy led to the highest gasoline tax and the costliest electricity in the country. No wonder, he said, that “people will move out of California and go to Texas.”

DeVore said even Canadians have figured out how to profit off the state’s regulatory culture. “California imports a lot of electricity, but it has to be green,” said DeVore. “BC Power, in British Columbia, which got caught manipulating energy costs in 2001, exports hydroelectric power to California at a very high profit.”

But the irony is BC Power has to import its own electricity because of how much it sends to California — and it comes from power generated by coal from the state of Washington and the province of Alberta. The coal is cheaper — and in the big climate picture, its use negates California’s use of cleaner hydroelectric power. Meaning California’s policies achieved no actual reductions in greenhouse gases.

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