Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Obama’s Machiavellian Sequestration Pain Game: Putting Politics Over Public Safety

Man, I hate to say this but I was always against giving money to states.  Why?  Because of THIS!
His threats encompassed nearly every pressure point he and his team could muster.

via a Feb. 8th White House press release:

Threats to cut education

Threats to cut food inspection

Threats to reduce law enforcement and first responders

Threats to cut workplace safety inspections

Threats to cut senior citizens’ meals

Threats to cut the amount given to the long-term unemployed

Threats to cut nutrition assistance for 600,000 women, infants and children

Threats to put 100,000 formerly homeless people out on the streets

…and more.

You need to ask yourself when all this money giveaway started.  For one thing, if the Federal Government thought it needed to give money BACK to the states to be used for various reasons...why did it take the money in the form of taxation in the first place?

That's a good question.  the reason is CONTROL.

But when did it start?

It started with Nixon and something called "Revenue Sharing"

In October of 1972, Richard M. Nixon signed a program into law that would hugely aid the financial problems of individual governments across the United States. The Revenue Sharing Act allowed the tax money collected by the federal government to be distributed among state governments that needed the money. This policy provided direct financial aid across America and was based on the idea that local officials knew how to better use the money than a federal official.

The program was active for 14 years (1972-1986)

The total amount of money distributed from the federal government during the life of the program: $85 billion

Intense competition arose within communities over who got the larger sums of money

Communities held public audits and hearings to decide what to spend the money on to ensure the absence of discrimination
But in reality, did the program ever stop?  Federal money is funneled to states in numerous ways. Federal money is spent in states on education.  Federal money is used to feed the children in these school breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

The total?  Here it is:

In fiscal 2010, $654 billion in federal grants went to states and localities -- an amount that equaled 26 percent of all state and local spending.
Thanks to the Federal Government overstepping their constitutional authority, states are ADDICTED to the Federal money.

I say get rid of the Federal money except for that as called for by the US Constitution.  No more sequestration.  No more threats from the US Government against its people.

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