Monday, March 18, 2013

Divestment movement gaining ground on California campuses

I already talked about the stupidity of college students demanding colleges divest themselves of fossil fuel investments.  Here's another just as idiotic movement to force colleges to divest themselves of Israeli company stocks.

Are CA colleges filled with kooks?
Pro-Israel Jewish students, perhaps more surprised than anyone, scrambled to block the resolution less than a day after hearing it was on the agenda.

"The news was a shock to the Jewish community on campus; no one had expected their 'friends' to deceive them and keep their plans a secret," wrote Jacqueline Zelener, a member of the campus group Highlanders for Israel in a letter to the university newspaper for members of Students for Justice in Palestine, the group behind the resolution, which Zelener said had been in dialogue with Jewish groups on campus.

Amal Ali, the president of Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Riverside, said keeping the resolution under wraps was the only way to "level the playing field," noting that similar resolutions on other campuses had been quashed by well-funded major Jewish or pro-Israel organizations.
Oh yeah, that EVIL JEWISH LOBBY.   And I thought they just manipulated US Congressmen!  Thy are everywhere!

What complete nonsense.

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