Monday, July 28, 2014

California Grocers Lobby for First State Plastic Bag Ban

Oh yeah!  They LOVE plastic bag bans.  They can MAKE MONEY off of those bags. So, since market forces are bypassed by idiotic plastic bag bans why not just throw the rest of market forces down the tubes and jump in with Fascism whole hog.  Let's ban grocery bags at ALL of our grocery stores and then the money will role in!
California grocers, who may realize as much as $1 billion in new revenue from a 10-cent fee on paper bags, are teaming up with environmentalists in a push to make their state the first to prohibit single-use plastic shopping bags.

The retail and grocery lobbies, which backed some of 13 failed California bills since 2007 to curb or ban the bags, are facing off against paper- and plastic-bag manufacturers who oppose the restrictions. Together, the two sides spent $366,000 to lobby California lawmakers in the first three months of this year, according to state filings.
Protect the environment?  What's that?  This really makes you start to wonder what was really behind the plastic bag ban in the first place.

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