Friday, July 11, 2014

Texas has to buy jobs while California creates wealth

A silly article that sneers at criticisms of high taxes and almost insurmountable regulations.  How stupid can you get?

Yeah, TX has the money to buy jobs.  Where the heck is CA's money?  They dont have any!  They're still digging themselves out of debt!

Is it possible to get any more small minded than that?
"In some business magazines, they rate Texas as a great state for business and in a ludicrous way they rate California at the bottom," Gallis said. "California has created more wealth in the hundreds of billions of dollars. How can the state that produced more wealth than any other state in the United States be called a bad state for business? Because they're looking at business taxes and regulatory environment. And they go, 'Texas has no taxes and it's got a low regulatory environment.'"
Yeah, like that's a bad thing.

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