Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Troubled California refinery overhaul up for vote

So, if the city votes down the revamp and the refinery shuts down, where will CA get it's "special blend" of gasoline?

Chevron Corp. seeks the Richmond City Council's approval for technological upgrades that would allow the refinery to process higher-sulfur crude oil, among other changes. Oil company officials earlier this month agreed to a plan backed by state Attorney General Kamala Harris that would cap the plant's greenhouse-gas emissions and reduce levels of sulfur processing as part of the overhaul.

Chevron officials hope those concessions will be enough to persuade the Richmond council to reject still-tougher health and safety requirements that city planning officials have recommended.
I love their term "pollutant-laced 2012 fire".  'Cause we all know fires are normally not laced with pollutants.  What propaganda!

Here's the video.  Hopefully, it will work.  Google is really bad about what embedded video code will work or not.

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