Friday, July 4, 2014

Bill Ayers: The Anachronism

I watched the video of Megyn Kelly with Bill Ayers and Dinesh D'Souza.   And as I listened to Bill Ayers, I realized I had heard the rhetoric before.  Do you know from whom?

Carl Sandburg.  Carl Sandburg was a Socialist who lived during the Depression.  He's famous for his poetry and his landmark Lincoln biography.  Everyone is familiar with his great poem "Fog".  But his anti-capitalist poetry is out there, too.  For instance, "Child of The Romans" is a good example of this:
The dago shovelman sits by the railroad track
Eating a noon meal of bread and bologna.
A train whirls by, and men and women at tables
Alive with red roses and yellow jonquils,
Eat steaks running with brown gravy,
Strawberries and cream, eclairs and coffee. 
There's more to the poem, but you get the point.  Compare and contrast.  Show the really wealthy and the really poor.

So, what's wrong with bread and bologna?  I grew up with the stuff!

I would like to see that shovelman crawl into a smoldering BBQ pit and hack away at the fused coals with pig fat and clean them out for ten hours like I did.  Backbreaking work.  And the soles of my tennis shoes melted.

Anway, I don't like gravy with my steak.

But Carl Sandburg didn't stop there.  In his Lincoln Biography he frequently would heap severe criticism on the South and slavery, but he couldn't just stop there.   After taking a breath, he would then  accuse the North of slave-like conditions for blacks who worked there.

So, what this shows is that Socialists and Communists who always, and I mean ALWAYS, berate the evils of not only Capitalism but the USA, NEVER EVER talk about what Communism has done to make this world a devastatingly miserable, horror-story of a place.

Bill Ayers belongs in another time and another place.

Not this time and place.

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