Monday, July 28, 2014

I Played by the Rules on Immigration. Why Is the U.S. Making It So Hard for Me to Become a Doctor?

This is just sick.  A legal alien can't get in-state tuition...but an ILLEGAL alien can?
Even under the new law signed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott—which grants in-state tuition to students living illegally in the United States—I’m left paying out-of-state rates.<
br /> How can someone who is living in the United States illegally get a tuition break but I get penalized for doing things legally?

My father has been on a nonimmigrant NAFTA professional visa as part of his job for 15 years. He personifies a typical hard-working American citizen. He has paid his taxes in the United States and has worked feverishly as a computer consultant but could not be sponsored for a green card until recently, when he was hired as a full-time employee.

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