Monday, June 30, 2014

Oyster farm owners eye options after ruling

This case reveals all that is wrong with the Environmental Movement, especially, in CA.  They don't care about people.  People are just in the way.  Even when they are at balance with nature.
The case began in 2007 when the Department of Interior made it clear it would not renew the oyster farm's 40-year lease when it expired in 2012. the agency cited a 1976 Congressional decision to return the waters of Drakes Estero to wilderness status.

The department also cited research critical of the operation's effects on harbor seals, which use the estuary to reproduce.

Scrutiny of the research, however, unearthed errors and omissions that critics say showed park officials had an agenda to get rid of the oyster farm.

Lunny bought the oyster company in 2004, figuring he and his lawyers could negotiate a long-term lease extension.

Lunny, whose family has owned a cattle ranch overlooking the estuary since 1947, said his case is important to a dozen other families with cattle ranches within the national park who have not had their government leases renewed.
Oh, well, there's your problem.  Evil Cattle Ranchers!

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