Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sony Pictures Imageworks moving headquarters to Vancouver

Wow.  Is Canada the new Land of Opportunity?
“Vancouver has developed into a world-class centre for visual effects and animation production,” said Randy Lake, executive vice president and general manager at Sony Pictures Digital Productions, in a statement issued on Friday morning.

“It offers an attractive lifestyle for artists in a robust business climate. Expanding our headquarters in Vancouver will allow us to deliver visual effects of the highest calibre and value to our clients.”


Journalist David Cohen, who covers the visual effects — commonly abbreviated to VFX — industry for Variety Magazine in Los Angeles, says the move makes Vancouver the VFX capital of North America.

"The whole visual effects industry is basically built with a global migratory workforce of the best artists from around the world," says Cohen.

"So they might be coming from Canada, but they might also be coming from India, China, France, you know, the U.S.A., Germany — wherever there are skilled visual effects artists. So they hire from a global workforce."

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