Sunday, June 1, 2014

California lawmakers reject GMO labeling bill

Another whiff of sanity.  Why are there so few?
Senate Bill 1381 fell short of passage by just two votes in the 40-member chamber. The bill’s sponsor, Democratic Sen. Noreen Evans, said she would attempt to convince Senate leaders to bring a reconsideration vote on Thursday, according to the Sacramento Bee, before the legislative session ends on Friday.

The measure would demand all distributors who sell food in the state to label their products if any of the ingredients were made with genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). The bill excludes alcohol and food sold at farmers markets.
What an utterly worthless law.  In my opinion, passing it will not cause people to change their buying habits.  At first, there would be mild concern to shock.  Then when the consumer tries to find an alternative, they will discover one of two things:

1) there is no alternative
2)  the alternative is expensive.

So, the consumer will just keep buying the GMO.

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