Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bilingual education idiocy in California

Linda Chavez agrees with me.
As Ron Unz, the man who managed to pass the 1998 California ballot initiative banning bilingual education, pointed out recently, white nationalists Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor both have endorsed bilingual education.

Spencer recently tweeted, “I oppose forcing Hispanic children to learn English,” which drew widespread approval from his followers. Their hope is that bilingual education will lead to the de-facto segregation of Latino kids.

But some nine out of 10 Latinos believe it is imperative for Latinos to learn English. And immigrants are especially eager for their children to learn the language that will enable them to build a better future for themselves.

Indeed, it was immigrant parents who pushed hardest for eliminating failing bilingual programs in California.

Craven politicians of both parties will do great harm if they return California to the bad old days when kids who desperately needed and wanted to learn English were stuck in classrooms where they were denied that opportunity.

Thankfully, the proposed repeal must still go before California voters. Let’s hope voters have more sense and compassion than their elected leaders.   

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