Thursday, June 12, 2014

The President with the "Sidam Touch"

There is a Tweeter (?  Is that right?  I don't know what the actual term would be) whose handle is @TheSidamTouch.

She has one follower.  There are no tweets except for her first one which reads:
I now feel the need to keep an updated list of all the ridiculous misfortunes that happen on a daily basis.
The definition of The Sidam Touch is the exact opposite of The Midas Touch.  Everything one touches, turns not to gold, but withers and disintegrates and falls to dust.

Yes, a President Obama is a great example of The Sidam Touch in action.  The stunning disintegration of the situation in Iraq is only the latest example of our President's lack of President-level self-equipt tools and Character to be able to "see past his nose" and understand the interacvtivity of all of the playing pieces.

Yes, as the saying goes, while O'bama is playing checkers, everyone else in the world is playing chess. O'Bama keeps calling "funsies!  funsies!" but the Child President doesn't realize that the world is a cold, hard place for a child in which to be playing.

What a sad, sad pathetic spectacle he is.  And if this were the only calamity he could be blamed for causing maybe he could be forgiven to a certain extent.  But the sad truth is this president, of all the presidents throughout history, has had such a stunning list of not just what we would call failures but downright disasters.

O'Bama, is a democrat - you know who those are, right?  Those are supposed to be the ones for "the little guy"; the ones who stand as the vanguard to take the arrows for the "worker" to help lift the poor and unfortunate to a higher plane.

I have never ever seen a president work so hard to PREVENT people from working.  The XL Pipeline is STILL being held up.  The EPA, under the directions of an uncaring president, is shutting down the ENTIRE COAL INDUSTRY.

He's also using the EPA to burden industries with stupid and eye rolling regulations limiting, what? CO2 emissions which almost NO SIZABLE MANUFACTURING FACILITY IS CAPABLE OF LIMITING.  By doing this, he has made it IMPOSSIBLE for meangingful employment to take hold.

When the people want JOBS JOBS JOBS, his Sidam Touch brings us POVERTY POVERTY POVERTY.

Honestly, I really don't want to go through all of this.  Let me just list the stunning disasters the Man with the Sidam Touch has wrought:

Fingers on the hand of the Man with the Sidam Touch:

1. Afghanistan
2. Iraq
3. Obamacare
4. XL Pipeline
5. Solyndra
6. IRS Scandal
7. VA Scandal
8. NSA Scandal
9. Clive Bundy land grab
10. Benghazi

The only good news out of all of this is that for sure, when his administration is over, he will be so unloved, so burdened with failure after failure after failure that NO ONE, not even the Democrats, will have anything to do with him.

And then, we can only hope he will drift into obscurity as Jimmy Carter did.

And I say, good riddance.

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