Monday, June 9, 2014

Ohio One Step Closer To Ending In-State Renewable Energy Mandate

OH is one of those states I can;t ever figure out which way it will go.  Sort of like VA.  But this is good news.

Legislation that would unplug Ohio's in-state renewable energy mandate and require a re-evaluation of the entire law is headed to Gov. John Kasich.

And it appears that Gov. Kasich plans to sign the bill.

The issue could be significant for the region because Michigan also has an in-state renewable energy mandate that outlaws it from being able to buy renewable energy from surrounding states, which could lower costs for Michigan taxpayers.

Renewable energy in Ohio and Michigan mostly refers to electricity produced by wind turbines. Ending Ohio's in-state mandate would allow the state's utilities to shop for cheaper wind-produced energy from states that produce more wind, such as Minnesota and Iowa. That, in turn, would force wind energy producers in Ohio to compete or find other markets.
Better news would have been to get rid of renewable fuels mandates altogether.  What a waste.

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