Sunday, June 1, 2014

Joel Kotkin: California's choice - growth or decline

Mr. Kotkin does a good job of trying to put a positive spin on things.  Nice try there, fella.
Last week, I decided to confront this issue over lunch at Citrus Grille in Orange, just down the block from Chapman University, where I teach. Charlie noted that the negative points I was making were correct, but I owed it to the readers to “write a piece on why California can be, and should be, a state with the right climate for business growth.”

So, we sat in the restaurant, working on a list of positive things for California to build on. We centered on working with our population, including many immigrants and entrepreneurs, reinforcing our connections to Asia and Mexico and, finally, taking advantage of our climate. “The great strength of California,” Charlie suggests, “is people – people who go out and make it on their own.
And it's a good list. But his statistic on immigrants - 25% of the CA population; does that include illegal as well as legal?

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