Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6 states that want to steal California jobs

I just love how this writer opens his article:
With an economy that rivals some nations, it comes as no surprise California and its jobs spark envy in other states.
Oh yeah.  Right.  Envy.  How about PITY.  Because that's what I feel when I think of how CA makes businesses jump through massive numbers of hoops in order to set up shop there.

And when I read statements like the follow, I just shake my head.  They just don't get it.

"We're really a model throughout the country," Linscheid said. "Tech jobs have only been 25 percent of our growth. What we’ve done that’s been good is have an environment where investment occurs. Private equity, angel investors, investor funds, help to get these companies off the ground."
These guys just don't get it.  Or maybe they're stupid or insane. The main reason they can attract talent and money is because the infrastructure was put in place BEFORE they went completely ape crazy.

Does CA honestly think that, starting from scratch, they could establish Silicon Valley today?  I really, really doubt it.

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