Wednesday, June 18, 2014

California lawmakers consider expanding teacher tenure despite court ruling

Since teacher tenure is working out so well and boosting the level of education...NOT!!
Her bill, which passed the Assembly and was set for a vote Wednesday in the Senate's education committee, would require small school districts to grant tenure to credentialed teachers after three years on the job. Districts with fewer than 250 students are not currently required to grant tenure. It also would require all districts to grant tenure to vocational education teachers, nurses, psychologists and counselors after three years.

Republican Senate leader Bob Huff said the bill "represents a step backwards from the court ruling," which declared the state's practice of offering tenure to teachers in large district's lifetime jobs after two years to be unconstitutional.

The ruling, a major setback for teacher unions that could also have national implications, came in response to a lawsuit complaining that tenure and other protections hurt poor and minority students by effectively funneling incompetent teachers to schools in disadvantaged areas at disproportional rates.

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