Sunday, August 24, 2014

Assembly bill could lower cost of residential solar in California

I think solar cells are cool.  I would love to put them on my home, but I live in a townhouse in downtown Houston.  And they are expensive.  But I think if I wanted them installed, the whole process would take no more than a week.  In CA, it can take over two months.
Muratsuchi was prompted to create the bill after a visit to Verengo Solar in Torrance last year, where company officials told him permitting processes in some cities and counties add delays to solar installation work.

“They told me that it often takes 65 days to install solar panels on a person’s home, of which 64 of those days are spent wading through the local bureaucracy to get the necessary permits and approvals,” Muratsuchi said at a solar industry lobbying event this month at the state Capitol.

Muratsuchi and solar industry officials say streamlining the processes throughout the state will reduce those delays, which can be costly. The bill also prohibits homeowner associations from passing restrictions that increase the cost of solar panel systems by more than $1,000.
What I can't believe is how long it's taken for someone to come up with this law.  I talked about this YEARS ago on my defunct CA Swan Song website.  A study came out in 2010 - or maybe 2011 - detailing the enormous amount of red tape that installers had to deal with to install solar cells on residential homes.

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