Thursday, August 28, 2014

California's Plastic Bag Ban Is Bogus

I don't think "bogus" is strong enough.  Stupid.  Repulsive.  Hypocritical.  Onerous.  Ignorant.  That should do it.

Symbolic gestures such as these can be important in inspiring broader, more meaningful environmental reform. But they risk fueling a self-congratulatory complacency that distracts from more serious challenges. Take furniture, for example. In 2012, Americans disposed of 11.5 million tons of furniture and furnishings -- a volume more than three times greater and far less recyclable than plastic bags because of the labor involved in disassembling a sofa into recyclable components. (The EPA reports that less than 1 percent of discarded furniture is recovered in any form.) Even worse, Americans wasted an indefensible 36.4 million tons of food in 2012, according to the same EPA data. Although compostable, less than 5 percent of the total was recovered in any manner. The rest was presumably laid to rest in landfills where -- because of the lack of oxygen -- it does little more than take up space.
Earlier in the article the author mentions that plastic bags should be banned, just not right now.  I thought that was a worthless bone to throw the activists and sort of self-steals some of their thunder.

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