Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Judge Orders California To Teach English Learners

When we moved to Milan, Italy so I could work on a project, we put our daughter into the Italian public school system. Within a very short time, our daughter was amazingly fluent in Italian.   It wasn't until I met with the teachers that I found out how they were able to achieve this incredible feat.

They had brought in a teacher who worked one-on-one with our daughter.  And it made me feel sort of bad.  Had I known this, I would have hired a tutor to help our daughter.  I learned an important lesson then.  That parents should not wait for "something" to happen.  That to make it happen, they should ban together and make it happen.

So, when I read about the abysmal failure of the CA school system I asked: how pathetic is this?  How about fire the "teachers" and bring in non-education majors who will do a better job of teaching than the fraudulent teachers?

Are hispanics such little sheep that they can't see that they need to depend on each other and NOT the State to help educate their children?
California was ordered to educate all children who don’t speak English after reports revealed a quarter of its school districts fail to meet that requirement, which is mandated by both the federal government and California itself.

Judge James Chalfant said it is particularly important that the California Department of Education determine the best way to make sure the requirement is met in a state where more than fifth of students are deficient in English.

“You’ve got to go ferret this out because you can’t have even one child that isn’t getting their instructional services,” Chalfant said in issuing Tuesday’s order. “You have a report that 20,000 aren’t getting their instructional services. That’s not good enough.”
Teach English? Why? I think they are too busy teaching really important survival skills.  Such as teaching about Gays in history.

Or maybe the teachers are too busy teaching children deviant sex that they just don't have any time to teach them utterly worthless English.

Or maybe they are just too busy trying to convince the kids to help push Obamacare.

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