Monday, August 11, 2014

District drops federal lunch program

Go this via Drudge.   As usual, government always means making do with less.  Less food, less health insurance, less choices.  Nothing changes.

I'm glad people are finally saying no to handouts.  I just wish we could do this on matters that really count.

"The calorie limitations and types of foods that have to be provided ... have resulted in the kids just saying 'I'm not going to eat that,'" Fort Thomas Superintendent Gene Kirchner said.

The 2,800-student district joins a small but growing number of school districts across the country – mostly wealthy districts who can afford to forfeit the money – who have dropped out of the federal program in the wake of stricter nutritional standards.

Schools said students don't like the unsalted potatoes, low-fat cheese or the mandatory fruits and vegetables. They throw food away or decide not to eat at all.

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