Monday, August 25, 2014

New York and California Migration is Helping Liberals Take Over America

Yep.  Texans are NOT happy that these leftists start at one state, destroy it, then move on to others, leaving in their wake a trail of tornado destruction.  Get the hell out.
It’s no accident that the places in once-red states where migrants have tended to settle — like the Virginia suburbs of Washington, the Research Triangle of North Carolina and the Denver metro area — are the places that have allowed Democrats to overcome huge deficits elsewhere in those states. Many of these migrants are Northeastern Democrats.

Colorado has gained twice as many migrants from blue states as from red since 2000, and blue-state expats now make up 12 percent of the population. In North Carolina, blue migration is occurring four times as quickly as migration from red states, and blue-state natives now account for 16 percent of the North Carolina population.

On the flip side, the movement of blue-staters into Texas, Utah and Idaho hasn’t helped Democrats as much, in part because many of the migrants are more conservative voters, such as whites from Southern California. Texas and the interior West have also drawn more red-state migrants than states where Democrats have recently won.
Internal to cities such as Austin and even Houston are bluer than blue.

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