Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nestlé To Relocate Chatsworth Hot Pockets Facility To Kentucky

I don't think I need to say why.
Local business owners like Lonell, who has owned a small machine shop in Chatsworth since 2011, said she can understand the move given the city and state’s high tax rate.

“They tax you on the seat you sit in, the computer you use, the machinery you use, then you have to pay tax to keep the machinery and operate it,” she said. “It just doesn’t make any sense.”

It was not immediately clear what will happen to the facility once Nestlé USA completes the transition.

Economist William Roberts, director of the San Fernando Valley Economic Research Center at Cal State Northridge, told the Daily News that it will not be easy to repurpose the facility or replace the jobs.

“There is still a lot of empty space throughout the Valley so it’s not like there is a lack of places to buy and build something,” he said. “I’ve seen places lie vacant for five or six years.”
Well, that doesn't sound promising at all!  Lots of empty office space?  Vacant for 5 or 6 years! So, what part of that is "easy to repurpose"??

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