Sunday, August 24, 2014

California push to avert higher gas prices stalls

And what a shame.  If there is one thing that would make me pack up and leave CA, it's the gas prices there.
Both bills have been stalled in the Senate Rules Committee. On Thursday, Democrats who control the Senate defeated Vidak's attempt to attach his exemption to an unrelated bill.
"Gasoline is not a luxury for most Californians; it's a necessity," Vidak said, saying the increase would harm poor Californians the most. 
Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, said Vidak's bill at least deserves a vote from the full Legislature, even it fails. 
"It just reinforces the fact that we're just completely out of step up here in terms of what's going on in the state," Wilk said.
And these final paragraphs are really the most disgusting:
While pump prices are likely to increase, the board projects that overall fuel expenses will drop by $400 per person per year by 2020. That assumes there are more electric- and hydrogen-driven vehicles available, and that consumers buy them, Young said.

It also assumes that more people walk, bike or take mass transit as a result of state-funded improvements and incentives funded by revenue from the cap-and-trade fees.  
 Yeah.  We call that REGRESSION. These are characteristics of a culture that is regressing. A person who can no longer drive his car will take to walking?  Riding a bike?

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