Saturday, September 5, 2015

Applebee’s to move headquarters to California, lay off some area employees

Something of a switch.  Apparently, CA's way of fighting back.
Applebee’s moved its headquarters to Kansas City from Lenexa in 2011, aided in part by a $12.9 million incentive package from Kansas City and Missouri.

The tax incentives mostly came through the Missouri Quality Jobs program, but also involved a state job training program and the city’s Chapter 100 bond program. Applebee’s said at the time that it moved 388 employees to Kansas City.

It was unclear Monday whether shifting jobs to California would trigger any changes in the tax benefits DineEquity received at the time of the move.

DineEquity said moving the Applebee’s operations west would trigger $13 million in costs, consisting of $5 million in severance and labor costs and $8 million of lease and other facility costs. Mortesen could not elaborate.  
Is this what it's all about?  Maybe instead of trying to lure companies in a sort of cannibalistic frenzy, maybe a climate for start-up companies would be a better thing to do.  Otherwise, it is a fight over a diminishing, consumed pie.

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