Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Record Homelessness in Los Angeles -- But Nobody Blames the Democrats

Just like in Detroit.  No one blames the Democrats!  It's like everyone shakes their heads saying "well, it's just one of those things!"

How does this happen? You've got a perfectly run city by liberals, you've got a liberal Hollywood, you've got liberalism running that town and all the supposed benefits of it -- compassion and caring and concern and anti-discrimination, whatever it is that comes under that umbrella -- how in the hell can you have a record number of homeless? See, I only thought homelessness happened with Republican presidents, and furthermore, I thought it only got reported with Republican presidents. What's the LA Times even doing reporting this? I know, I know, it's a rhetorical question. It's so bad, they can't ignore it.

It is bad. It's causing the closure of emergency rooms along with illegal immigration. The hospitals can't stay in business. You know, federal law, you gotta be treated when you show up in the emergency room. You know how many hospitals have closed in southern California alone in the last number of years because of illegal immigrants and nonpayers visiting the emergency room? They can't afford it anymore.

Liberalism can't be afforded, period, but it doesn't mean they don't give up trying, but how can this situation even exist? How can there be a record number of homeless? Why is a hundred million dollars needed when you've got people that believe in utopia running the place? And why are they doing this now? Seriously. Why now? Why all of a sudden do they profess this massive concern about the homeless?

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