Saturday, September 26, 2015

German cars pollute...and no one noticed

This reminds me of the fracking "scare" when CA finally noticed that fracking had been occuring in their own back yard for decades.

Up to that point no one noticed.

There was no environmental impact.  No "poisonous" chemicals leached into the aquifer.  No one was killed. No one got cancer because of this.

The "scandal" affects 482,000 VW diesel cars in the USA. The total number of cars on the streets amounts to 253 million.  This minuscule 0.19% will have ZERO IMPACT on the environment.

In fact, studies have shown that 90% of the pollution is caused by only 25% of the cars on the road, so the VW diesels would have an outsized effect on pollution.

So, in the grand scheme of things, what is the real impact?  For the VW diesels, the only impact anyone seems to be upset about is NOx.  And here, the greatest absolute impact would be in large cities - there are more cars, thus more diesel VWs.  But, of course, large cities are where the vast number of cars are located.  So, the per centage impact on the local environment is again almost zero.

So, what we see is that the federal government is upset that it was LIED TO.  And that's really the only story here.  All that other stuff about massive amounts of pollutants belching out of VW diesels choking the elderly and children to death are just that themselves.

But do I care that VW lied?  NO!!! They came out with a car that met my number one criteria:  maximum mileage and no stupid banks of batteries to haul around.

According to the article, the alternative to the VW "Clean Diesel" design is to add a chemical injection system to obliterate NOx.  This is a horrible solution.  Not only is it expensive at $5,000 - $8,000 the owner will NEVER remember to get it checked.

But here again, so what?  The vehicles apparently sensed when they were being analyzed and went "shields up".  And....the cars passed the emissions testing with flying colors.  If this is the case, then NOTHING needs to be done other than reprogram the car's system.  This all really sounds simple.

I say to hell with the EPA.

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