Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mayor Emanuel proposing record $500M property tax hike

Just amazing.  And just in time for another real estate crash, too.  In effect, the city will only succeed in getting a bigger share of the diminishing pie.

The total package could hit $500 million. The money would go mostly to pension payments.
So the questions I have are:
- Are there any concessions from unions to assist in controlling the out-of-control pension plans?
- How much longer are the people of Chicago going to take it?

Well, we know the answer to the last question.   All we have to do is look at Detroit.  The answer is that there is NO LIMIT to how much the people who are left in Detroit will take, because they are the LAST TO LEAVE a failing state.  It becomes part of their self-interest for the failed state to continue until absolutely everything implodes.  It's only then that those of sound mind and those less tainted with Leftist thinking can rebuild and establish a more stable government.

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