Saturday, September 5, 2015

Can California really cut gasoline use by 50 percent?

That's right.  Increase the cost of owning a vehicle and automatically lower the consumption of gasoline.

I haven't run the numbers, but more electric cars will put a significant load on the power grid in CA. And where is this extra electrical power going to come from?  It would be imported into the state. Well, that's already happening but will dramatically increase.

The cost for owning a car in CA is already extremely high.  An acquaintance of mine had to register his 1996 car in CA. He had to fork over $2,000.  For a 1996 model!  In Texas we only paid a nominal $70 regardless of the age of the car.

Here in MS, for my wife's 2015 Passat we would pay a whopping $700. I just can't imagine what we would have to pay in CA.  I don't dare imagine!

And who will ultimately have to suffer the outrageous burden of all of this?  THE POOR.

Again, as I've said before:  GET OUT OF CA.

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