Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Socialist Pope

Well, if this is correct, Catholics must make a decision.  Follow the Pope down the Road To Ruin, or not.
SISTER SIMONE CAMPBELL: Pope Francis in the encyclical is extremely clear that the role of politics is to control the economy. And the only way we'll have an economy of inclusion is if politics provides an appropriate bound on the free market capitalism. He also says that all of creation has, what we believe in private ownership has a mortgage, a social mortgage to be used for the common good.

Now, that teaching is challenging for liberals and conservatives, because what it means is the focus of our work has got to be to address the issues of disparity, address this crisis of exploitation which is both a conservative and liberal issue. We've got to make change and make sure that all are included in the economy, but politics at the heart of it has got to be controlling the economy. That is a big change for our nation.
Later in the interview she softened the rhetoric saying centrally controlling the economy is not what the Pope means.  But Glass-Steagall is exactly that.

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