Friday, September 25, 2015

White House sends cap-and-trade warning to states

The EPA can go fuck itself.
Under the Clean Power Plan, states are on the hook to develop federally enforceable compliance plans detailing how they will reduce a third of their emissions by 2030. States have the option of complying in any number of ways under the plan, including participation in a cap-and-trade program. If a state refuses to comply, however, the EPA would step in to impose a federal plan without much input from the state, and leaving it open to having a cap-and-trade program forced upon it.

A cap-and-trade program places a firm limit, or cap, on emissions and then sells credits to emitters to help them comply. Democrats failed to pass cap-and-trade legislation in President Obama's first term, and the Clean Power Plan is seen as the alternative.
94,000,000 people are out of work.  Record numbers are on food stamps.  So the answer to all of this? That's easy.  Let's DOUBLE DOWN ON JOB KILLING REGULATIONS.

I just can't believe that the people who work for the EPA actually think they are doing a good thing.

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