Thursday, November 19, 2015

Italian Prosecutors Investigate Olive Oil Makers for Fraud. Pick CA Olive OIls

I mentioned this several years ago.  And amazingly, it's still being talked about.  And finally, officials are getting involved to put a stop to it. I hope, anyway.
Prosecutors in the northern city of Turin announced the investigation Tuesday after customs officials independently confirmed the findings by the magazine "Il Test," which published a cover story last spring revealing that nine out of 20 bottles it tested were not extra-virgin as labeled.

The good news is that here in the USA, California olive oil producers generally believe in truth in advertising.  Also, there is a good website that recommends virgin olive oils that it deems to be true olive oils.  In fact, the guy who runs the blog, Tom Mueller, has written a book about it all.

Here's a link to his recos on supremarket olive oils.

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