Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ObamaCare’s death spiral, stage one: Denial

Boy, this was easy to predict.  I just didn't see how.

For the press, the debate over ObamaCare is over. There may be a few proverbial Japanese soldiers wandering on isolated islands yammering on about the failure of ObamaCare, but word will eventually filter down to them, too.

This assumption is so deeply embedded that it is impervious to new evidence that ObamaCare is an unwieldy contraption that is sputtering badly. Yes, ObamaCare has covered more people and has especially benefited those with pre-existing conditions (to be credible, Republican replacement plans have to do these things, as well), but the program is so poorly designed that, surely, even a new Democratic president will want to revisit it to try to make it more workable.
What's clear from this is that Obamacare is just becoming another welfare plan like Medicaid.

I think it's over.

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