Sunday, November 8, 2015

Obamacare Health Plans In California Gives Patients Fewer Medical Options: Report

That means fewer HEALTH options.  And yet again we see Obamacare costing more to do less.
California has the nation's fourth-highest rate of so-called narrow health plans through the Affordable Care Act, a new study says. Californians with those plans have access to 25 percent or less of the doctors and physicians in their rating area, the study says.

About 75 percent of the health plans available in California through the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, are narrow plans, placing California behind just three other states: Georgia, Florida and Oklahoma, the Los Angeles Times reported. About 41 percent of plans nationwide qualify as narrow plans, and 12 states have no narrow network plans, the study says.

Insurance providers created the narrow plans in order to keep healthcare costs down. The plans limit the number of physicians from whom individuals with the less-expensive plans can seek care. The problem, however, is that when signing up for a plan, it isn't always clear which plans are narrow and which plans aren't.
Well, that's really amazing.  You look up OBGYN on google in your area.  There maybe 100 doctors, but your Obamacare plan only includes 25 of them in their network.  Wow!

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