Sunday, October 25, 2015

Egg producer battles cage-free hen myths

The anti-animal cruelty groups really don't care about people. They care about ANIMALS.  And they don't want us eating them.  But yet, we listen to them anyway.  We have to understand that PETA and other groups really don't stand on a moral high ground.
That's why I found this article interesting.  Cage-free honestly and truly is a myth.

And the No. 1 concern Rust recently addressed in a Farm World interview was the idea that hens are healthier and happier in a cage-free environment versus cages.

“In the 1960s, we went to cages for the simple reason of a cleaner, better and healthier environment for our birds,” said Rust, who today, manages a family-run operation with 21 million chickens on 15 farms for his family’s egg business that began with only 1,800 birds in 1954.

However, within the last few years, consumers have been pushing for more cage-free and specialty eggs, so Rose Acres willingly responded to the demand, but is now questioning the health of their birds.

“Since we offer both caged eggs and cage-free, we track mortality rates and have overwhelmingly noticed that the mortality rate is double, nearly triple in a floor (cage-free) environment,” he said. “I don’t understand why they (animal activists) want a system that is unhealthy for the birds when they seemingly say that’s what they care so much about.” For instance, in one cage-free barn Rose Acres reported 300 deaths due to smothering and mobbing in one particular situation.
Well, it is clear to me.  Raise the cost of the egg.  If you do this, fewer people will eat it.

Why would McDonalds do this to its customers?

Here is a great video for Rose Acre Farms and their process.  From an engineering point of view, this is amazing!

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