Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Iowans: Trump's attack on Carson's faith will fail

Yes, he will.  Hey, I love Trump, but this is the wrong tree to be barking up.The 7th Day Adventist denomination is fairly solid.  They have a somewhat checkered past with failed predictions concerning the imminent return of Jesus Christ, but they have their heads on straight now.

The 7th Day Adventists also follow the strict rules regarding the Sabbath being on Saturday, so they hold their church services then.  I would say they probably put only a slightly larger emphasis on Old Testament teachings than, say, the Southern Baptist do.  Other than that, if you got an Adventist and a Baptist in a room together and they started talking "church", you as an onlooking would have a tough time distinguishing who was of which denomination.

So, Trump better find something else to criticize Carson about.  Fast.

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