Friday, October 16, 2015

Rush: What the Fundraising Numbers Tell Us

How about this as a really "out there" prediction:

Trump, Cruz or Carson wins the GOP nomination.  The PTB in the GOP are utterly astonished.  They immediately repudiate the Nominee and throw their support behind the Democratic Party Nominee completely abandoning Trump/Cruz/Carson.

It is at this point we finally find out what we knew all along: that the upper party officials are just Dems in GOP clothing.

Here's Rush's take on the whole thing.
Hillary has raised almost $30 million, and 17% of it is from donors of $200 or less. Essentially the vast majority of Hillary's donors are the standard, ordinary big moneyed people. Next is Bernie Sanders at $26 million. And the percentage of that $26 million raised from donors of $200 or less is 77%. If you combine the money raised by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, you come out with close to $56 million. I'm gonna tell you what that spells. That spells ass whooping on Election Day if the Republican Party does not nominate a conservative. Because when you go through the rest of this, you will find all of this money on the Republican side, Chris Christie, $4 million; Jeb Bush, $13 million; Kasich, $4 million; Fiorina, $6 million.

The establishment candidates here are getting a lot of money, but nowhere near what the Democrats are getting. The anti-establishment Republican candidates, Ben Carson, $20 million. He's the third largest fundraiser. Ted Cruz, $12 million. Jeb Bush is in there at 13. The point is the Democrats are raising a lot of money. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the Democrat candidates, either at Hillary or Bernie Sanders. It cannot be denied. We cannot assume that everybody voting for one of those two is an idiot and a member of a minority or whatever. They are fully energized, particularly the Sanders people.
The GOP candidates are doing poorly raising money because most conservatives donors have walked away.  And the party officials are completely clueless and stupid.

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